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Theft and robbery both involve crimes against other people’s property. When you come to us with a theft or robbery charge, our lawyers will discuss the particulars of your case, then discuss your options. Depending on your record and the evidence against you, your options may be very wide, or very limited.

Theft: Over And Under $5,000

Theft is treated very differently depending on the value of the goods taken. If the value is less than $5,000, it could be treated as a summary offence and you may be able to avoid serious consequences. If it’s over $5,000, you could be looking at up to 10 years in prison.

There may be a variety of ways to deal with your charge.

Even if there is solid evidence against you, if this is your first offence, you may be able to get into a diversion program in which the charges are withdrawn if you go through a theft prevention course.


Robbery is basically theft with a weapon, though the weapon doesn’t have to be a gun or knife. It can be anything that can be used in a threatening manner.

Robbery can include mandatory minimums in certain circumstances. This means that the judge will not have a choice about sending you to prison if you are found guilty or plead guilty.

Often our approach focuses on getting the weapons charge removed, so that your charge can be treated as a theft and give us more flexibility. Whether we can do this will often depend on what kind of weapon was used and how it was used.

The Circumstances Of Your Arrest

Often your case will depend on how the police acted during the investigation and arrest. Even if the evidence is strong, if it was obtained improperly, it cannot be used against you. Evidence against you may include:

  • Witness statements: Eyewitnesses do not always remember events accurately, especially if the events happen very quickly.
  • Your own statements: Even if you have given incriminating statements, they cannot be used against you if obtained improperly.
  • Property: There may be a number of reasons why you have certain property in your possession.
  • Surveillance footage: This can sometimes be favourable to your case — but if it isn’t, we may still be able to find ways to make it less incriminating.

We will let you know the strengths and weaknesses of your case. If your best alternative is to plead guilty, we will find a way to protect you from excessive negative consequences.

The charges of theft and related criminal offences are quite serious. Conviction may lead to incarceration. It is natural to be stressed and confused if you have been accused, but the important thing is to act quickly. To receive expert legal advice and representation, turn to Theft Lawyer Burlington. You will have an experienced and skilled professional fighting your cases and protecting your rights.

For years, we have provided legal services of the highest quality to individuals charged with various type of criminal offences including theft under $5,000, theft over $5,000 and possession of proceeds of crime. All lawyers on our team have significant and diverse experience. We recognize that each case is different and has unique circumstances. That is why our approach is completely individual. This has brought us huge success in the past evident from our achievement record. It is our belief that we can litigate successfully even the most complex cases and bring the desired outcome to our clients.

There are many different aspects related to theft offence charges. The Criminal Code of Canada provides for more severe penalty for theft over $5,000 with the highest being ten years’ incarceration. Even if there is conviction for theft under $5,000, the convicted may be sentenced to up to two years in prison. There is also the possibility of returning the stolen property for reduction of the penalty. Negotiating withdrawal of the charges may also be an option. It depends on the skills of the defence counselor. With Theft Lawyer Hamilton, you will have the best defence strategy built specifically for your case. You will have an experienced professional working for you with absolute dedication. Everything will be done to achieve the best result. Our work has always been goal-orientated.

The first step of the process involves legal advice. A lawyer from our team will explain the situation and the possible outcomes and answer all of your questions. This will enable you to make the right decision regarding your legal representation. When you choose us, you will receive elite services right from the start. Your counselor will examine all details of your case and gather all the necessary information for analysis. This will be used for developing a strong strategy for your defence. Your attorney will work with a team of support specialists for the best possible preparation. Rest assured that the strategy will provide for all possible challenges that may come on our way to reaching the set objective.

Our individual approach always includes full personal attention. You can turn to your Theft Lawyer in Burlington to ask questions and get advice and support at any time. The professional will work closely with you to prepare you perfectly for the road ahead. It is our commitment to make you feel as confident as possible given the circumstances. Your lawyer will fight your case with skill, dedication and zeal and with the use of all legal tools available. The goal will be to achieve the best possible end result.

If you or a close person has been accused of theft, get in touch with us right away.