Kick-off Event Information

21 22

I want to thank all the teams that attended the Grand Rapids Kickoff.

Please let us know how to improve this event for next year.  Hope to see you at the West Michigan Regional, and at next year’s kickoff.

Mike Everts
Kick-off Coordinator

Workshop Archives 2007

Below are the workshops that were presented at Kick off. The presentations can be downloaded by selecting the link.

Terry Stevens presented a workshop on Awards and Judges
Team 1896 presented a workshop on Rookie Teams
Kirk Hedlich presented a workshop on REC (Robot Educational Curriculum)
By intelitek (the makers of Easy C). Intelitek provided demo CD’s to hand out.


Marcy Van Every presented a workshop on FLL—what a FRC team needs to do to sponsor a FLL team, time commitment etc.

THE KICKOFF is the revealing of the 2007 Game Challenge, and the start of the intensive 6-week Design-Build phase of the competition. Teams will learn the game rules and objective for this year’s game, and can pick up their ‘kit of parts’ from FIRST. Teams start their design brainstorming immediately after the kickoff, to meet the tight 6-week schedule for building their competition robot.