Burlington’s Lawyer for Murder & Manslaughter

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Have you ever imagined being accused of murder or manslaughter? It sounds detrimental and a worst crime one can imagine. These type of cases attract the most absurd experiences and painful penalties if found guilty. The suspects are also subjected to serious scrutiny unravelling all the possible impeccable possibilities.

Best Murder and Manslaughter Lawyer in Burlington is among the prolific lawyers with vast experience and knowledge to assists one, if convicted of serious crimes of such magnitude.

What is Homicide?

Homicide occurs when one person causes the death of another person. There are two types of homicide: “culpable” and “non-culpable”. The law is only concerned with culpable homicide.

Homicide is defined in the Criminal Code as follows:

  • Homicide
    • 222. (1) A person commits homicide when, directly or indirectly, by any means, he causes the death of a human being.
  • Kinds of homicide
    • (2) Homicide is culpable or not culpable.
  • Non culpable homicide
    • (3) Homicide that is not culpable is not an offence.
  • Culpable homicide
    • (4) Culpable homicide is murder or manslaughter or infanticide.
    • (5) A person commits culpable homicide when he causes the death of a human being,
    • (a) by means of an unlawful act,
    • (b) by criminal negligence,
    • (c) by causing that human being, by threats or fear of violence or by deception, to do anything that causes his death, or
    • (d) by wilfully frightening that human being, in the case of a child or sick person.

What is the Penalty for Murder or Manslaughter?

The automatic fate for culprits associated with murder and manslaughter is life imprisonment. The degree of murder does not account or determine the number of years one will spend in jail. Regardless of the situation, usually the minimum years that can be embedded on one’s head are normally 25 years. Conversely, the manslaughter cases may get an exemption if the Criminal Defense Law Firm Burlington is incorporated while seeking justice. Some brutal murder cases can attract execution in some states where the culprits are termed as a curse to the society.

Categories of Murder and Manslaughter.

As law practitioners put it, there are several classes of murder depending on the magnitude and the technique used. The first class involves killing using malice and is done deliberately. Burlington lawyers are however cautious when dealing with such cases involving murder with consent. The second class involves killing during the process of anger. This is commonly referred to as manslaughter and is also punishable by law.

The third instance occurs when one uses explosives or sets the victims on fire. For this occurrence, the culprit is charged with terrorism murder which may attract a lifetime penalty without trial. These actions may be done willingly or unwillingly but as for Burlington lawyers they will offer the best advice and try to exonerate the victim from life imprisonment.

Why you should seek services from Experienced Law Firm?

Murder and Manslaughter Lawyer Burlington is one of the most experienced defense attorneys who can be trusted with cases of such magnitude. Sometimes the court may offer impartial judgments and without a robust defense team, one may end up rotting in Jail. In case the court imposes the verdict to face the long-term Jail sentence, the defense counsel will always look for credible ways to contest the verdict and allow their clients seek a free and fair Judgment.

Having dealt with similar cases for a number of years will enable them differentiate whether the situation was murder with consent or manslaughter. We are always up to ensure that both the victims and culprits pursue justice to the fullest.