Are you interested in firearms and currently seeking firearms training from certified professionals? Do you own firearms and would want to undergo training to develop your shooting skills? Or maybe just plain interested in firearms and would want to learn how to shoot? Getting training professionally by firearms instructors would certainly come with advantages. Here are some of them:

All shooting ranges in the Canada adhere to an accepted ‘code’ of firearm safety rules and regulations which, first and foremost, keep it well-known that firearms are not toys, should be treated with respect and care, and to be kept out of the wrong hands. Basic safety is either taught by new shooters’ peers, or by range safety officers, once they are familiar with the proper disciplines and etiquette, they’re prepared for their first shooting experience.

Recreational shooting can be done in several ways: shooting for accuracy, shooting for speed, or just shooting inanimate objects for the sheer enjoyment of it; all of which are great ways of blowing off steam and having a good time with friends.

Shooting for accuracy, or marksmanship, places emphasis on either achieving tight ‘groupings,’ which refers to the distance between 3 or more points of impact from fired bullets, or precision accuracy for small targets or long ranges. This style is one of the more challenging, as the slightest error in breath control, trigger squeeze, positioning, and handling of the firearm may result in a missed shot. The difficulty of precision shooting sometimes intimidates new shooters, but those who see it as a challenge to overcome enjoy every chance they get to improve upon their skills.

Shooting for speed could encompass clay pigeon shooting, where a round clay disc is ‘thrown’ by a machine or hand-held thrower by a shooting partner, and the shooter uses a shotgun loaded with bird shot to hit the clay target before it’s either out of range or hits the ground. As the shooter’s skill and reaction time advances, multiple clays may be thrown at once, and the speed/elevation of the clays can be adjusted for new challenges. Clay shooting is one of the most common social shooting events, whether for sophisticated business executives or college buddies spending an afternoon at the range. Another speed shooting style would be reactive targets, or obstacle courses. Although they are usually reserved for competitions, a shooter doesn’t need to be a professional to participate in 3-gun matches (fast-paced shooting courses utilizing a shotgun, rifle, and pistol where the shooter competes against the clock to score hits on an assortment of targets). Many more experienced 3-gun participants are always willing to assist newcomers to learn better techniques and to maximize the efficiency of their equipment to achieve better times and scores. 3-gun events provide an adrenaline rush which any shooter would enjoy.