Today people often try their best to avoid drinking, especially when driving a car. This is due to the growing awareness of the risk involved when a person is driving under the influence of any drug or alcohol. The other side is a little different where some people are caught with an impaired driving charge and they have to consult a legal officer. Since last couple of years, there are many cases coming from various states. The impaired drivers are being caught from the region. If you are a same state resident and you have been caught in the same aspect, try to get the expertise of an Burlington DUI lawyer. They are the best in their business and know how to control the court trial on any impaired driving charge.

It is obvious that a common person do not know much about the court proceedings in any driving case. People do not know about the basics of any court trial as they have never faced it ever in their life. But there are instances when life takes a turn and you are in the same queue where the others are too. For this it is necessary that a person get knowledge about the basic procedure of any court trial on impaired driving charge.

Drunk driving may result from any number of things. Below are several ways you can avoid driving drunk.

  1. Plan ahead. Having a plan for the night will help you reduce the possibility of finding yourself in a situation where you’re stranded somewhere drunk and wanting to leave by driving yourself.
  2. Appoint a designated driver (DD). Having a designated driver leaves one less thing to figure out at the end of the night. Since this person will be driving, though, you have a duty to make sure he or she does not drink during the night.
  3. Use public transit. Many bigger cities have public transportation systems. They are a cheaper alternative to cabs and some often run late at night.
  4. Stay at a friend’s place. If you know you will be drinking, stay with a friend who lives nearby. It is ideal if his or her home is within walking distance, but taking a bus or cab to your friend’s home is better than driving to your home that is farther away.
  5. Call a sober friend or family member. Many people don’t like spending the night in a strange bed. If you are drunk and find that you want to spend the night at home, call someone you know who is sober and will pick you up.
  6. Don’t give in to peer pressure. Often times, drunk driving results from your friends wanting you to take them home. If you are too drunk to drive, do not let your friends convince you that you are “good enough” to drive.

When the conviction becomes bigger, the next phase is to receive a jail. This is the punishment for the person who does not learn from the past. There are other punishments too like 20 years cancellation of the driving license. This imprisons the person and prevents him to drive any car. Impaired driving or drunken driving cases are mostly categorized in third degree charge. When a person face it there are categorized in a felony which becomes a sign of intimidation for them.

Taking care is better than receiving the charge; this is what many legal associates talk about. By following the basic rules of driving a person can be safe from being convicted by the court trials. Just try to remember one thing “prevention is better than meeting big troubles.”